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In addition to our outstanding Investigators, Special Investigations Unlimited, Inc. (SIU) employs state of the art equipment and Investigative techniques to aid in obtaining the best results for our clients. Our safe and secure, convenient online Case File System (CFS) provides web portal access to case updates, video footage and all file related documentation which is available to our client’s, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days. A further convenience of our system is for each file assigned; the client will receive a CFS generated email for confirmation of the assignment. Then updates at the end of each day’s service, including video footage and any other documentation. At the end of the assignment, the client will receive our Investigative report and all documentation via a CFS generated email. This process eliminates the question “I wonder what’s happening with my case” or the client having to take time to call for an update. Thus, keeping everyone informed and increasing efficiency. This process also eliminates the delays caused by mailing our reports and attachments. Additionally, reports, video footage, invoices and other file related documentation will remain available for retrieval and review, even after the case is closed. While SIU is enormously proud of our Investigators and Case File System, we never forget that nothing is more important than personally communicating with our client’s. Our Investigators enjoy being able to communicate directly with our client’s. One of our core beliefs is that what sets us apart from our competitors, in addition to Investigators and results, is our relationships and the trust of our client’s.

Below is a list, but not limited to, of our most often requested services. Please contact us to discuss any needs that you might have that are not listed below.

Questionable Claims Investigations

Fraud/Theft Investigation

Social Media Investigations

Background Investigations

COB/AOE/Alive and Well Investigations

Surveillance Camera Systems (temporary or permanent installations)

Breach of Fiduciary/Contract Investigation

Recorded Statements/Interviews

Scene Investigations

Traffic Crash Investigations

Traffic Light Sequence Investigations

Law Enforcement/Regulatory Agency Inquires

Records/document retrieval

Support to legal units

Suspicious claims referrals

Provide Anti-Fraud training

Investigative and Surveillance Contractor Management

Comprehensive Investigative File Audits



Three days of surveillance are recommended for prevailing optimum results, but the clients preferences come first. SIU offers (client’s choice) 8 hours, 10 hours or 12-hour days all are different all-inclusive rates. SIU will always work with the client’s budgetary considerations.

Special Investigations Unlimited, Inc. also provides continuing education and group presentations.